Software development

Solving issues & realizing your vision, one commit at a time.

With over half a decade of experience in development, I offer not just coding skills, but the ability to understand your requirements and vision. Save time and effort within your team, and let me turn your ideas into reality. Whether this means, development together with your agile process and team from start to finish, or side-ways integration and iteration on existing features or product.
Depending on my general availability and contractual obligations, these are the various services which I can offer. While I cannot always commit to new projects, I value connecting with parties who are looking for expertise some time in the future.

Development Services

Django & Python
Typescript (React, NextJS)
With a strong grasp on Django, Python, and JavaScript frameworks, I prioritize understanding client needs and delivering quality results. My services encompass seamless collaboration with teams, ensuring high standards of quality, and offering continuous support from ideation to deployment.

Area of Expertise

Sector / Area of expertise
professional experience
API & Microservices
4-6 years
CRM, ERP & CRM Integrations
4-5 years
1-2 years
Tech Stack experience
professional experience
Backend (Django, Python, ...)
6+ Years
Frontend (Typescript, React, ...)
3-4 years
DevOps & CI/CD (Docker, AWS, ...)
3-5 years
Both Django & Python have been my tools of choice to build small and large applications, as well as automated systems (microservices) with. If there is a framework for which I have a passion, and enjoy working together with other professionals in, then it certainly is Django.
  • End-to-End Development: Whether its a back-end or full-stack Python or Django based service you need assistance with. I can help you or your team with the design; starting from its architecture, to delivery, as well as continuous support.
  • Specialized Services:
    • Third party integration.
    • API development
    • Performance optimizations
    • QA Testing & Automated testing setup
    • Technical & Documentation writing
    • Django & Dependency version upgrade.
    • Pipeline optimization
Reach out to discover the full breadth of services I can provide for your specific needs.
Expertise in JavaScript Frameworks: With 2-3 years of hands-on experience in JavaScript, I possess a deep understanding of its dynamics, strengths, and intricacies. My expertise includes:
  • Comprehensive Development:
    • Building scalable applications with a focus on user experience and performance.
    • Delivering projects ranging from small utilities to large-scale applications.
  • React Development:
    • Creating dynamic and responsive web applications using React.
    • Implementing best practices to ensure maintainability and scalability.
  • Next.JS Proficiency:
    • Specialized in building applications with Next.JS, optimizing for SEO and performance.
    • Familiarity with its server-side rendering capabilities and API routes.
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