🧠AI & ML

Since 2021-2022, I have been working in the AI field when I joined Konfuzio. More particular I have spend time integrating custom AI models into Konfuzio on-premise server, as well as training Konfuzio AI models through the Konfuzio SDK. Which is an open source OCR extraction and classification library for which I have also been a maintainer and contributor.

Throughout 2021 and 2022 I got particularly interested in GPT2 and GPT3.5 (by now I have worked with all major models), with which I have greatly been experimenting through the use of Langchain, LM-Studio, Label Studio and standard Python. I am no stranger to Huggingface or interfacing with W&B or MLFlow, and integrating these. At the point of writing (2024) I have experience with most bigger LLMs, when it comes to integrating their API into custom solutions, as well as working with vector DBs, embedding, memory and retrieval. Most of the time I am also working on personal LLM + AI projects as the one below.

AI Courses & Certifications

As I would like to stay on track of the latest developments of AI and make sure that I can be helpful to companies I am spending a lot of my free time in studies to gain more experience. You can find out more about this on my courses page



I have completed several AI related projects, which you can find on my projects page.


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