Primarily I am a web-developer with a vast experience in building applications, as well as working with AI & LLMs. Below you can get an insight to my full experience and knowledge.

Web & Application development

I have primarily worked on large production systems in the capacity as back-end developer and engineer since 2018. However, since 2021 have started working more and more on front-end related code bases and features. Since 2023, I have experience in both principles enough to call myself a competent full-stack developer. When it comes to infrastructure (DevOps & CI/CD), I have enough of an experience to deploy my own apps, troubleshoot complex(er) k8s issues, as well as working with IAC tools such as Terraform or Pulumi. I also know enough about development pipelines to extend them or roll them out by myself. But I would not go as far as labeling myself as a competent DevOps or SRE.

Techstack & technical expertise

Tech Sectors
  • Web-development & Design -

  • Ecommerce (Operations & Dev) -

  • API & Microservices -

  • CRM, ERP & CRM Integrations -

  • OCR, IDP, AI & LLM -

  • Backend

    • Django, Python

    • LangChain, Restframework

    • Flask, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy

    • PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle

  • Frontend

    • HTMX, HTML, CSS,

    • JS, Alpine, React, NextJs, Vue

  • Testing

    • as a methodology

    • PyTest, Selenium, Behave

  • Infrastructure

    • Docker, K8s, Terraform,

    • Gitlab/Github

  • Cloud

    • AWS, Hetzner, GCP,

    • DigitalOcean, Railways, Heroku

Scrum & Agile

Since 2018 I have worked in Agile Scrum teams. I am very familiar with using Jira, Kanban, Github or Gitlab as a tool for project management. As well as Sprint planning, retro, triage, poker, review and all other Scrum ceremonies. Over those years within these project management frameworks, I have delivered dozens of features, ranging from small to large ones, as well as going through the full development lifecycle on large projects from their design to deployment (and maintenance).

Django & Python as specialization

As most of my profile likely already indicates, I like to label myself as Django expert, which is not possible without also Python expertise. Over the past years, since 2018 I have lived within small to large Django code-bases from large production systems with thousands of concurrent users, to on-demand microservices that are only called on demand. While I always prefer to elaborate on my full Django & Python experience during a introduction call, the five items below are what I would label as my strong points.

  1. Quick development and feature iteration with Django, especially for MVPs

  2. Debugging & Analyzing performance bottlenecks and issues.

  3. Developing concurrent and asynchronous applications.

  4. Building features for large Django codebases

  5. A focus on building scalable applications

AI and LLMs

You can find more about my AI, ML & LLM experience on the below page.

Web-Design & UI Design

I have been involved in the development and design over a few dozen web-sites since 2008 through 2012; with low-code CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. This ranges from large e-commerce stores with various plugins, to small boutique websites for professionals.

Nowadays I can also get ahead with using Figma for UI/UX design. However, I prefer these to be provided by an designer affiliated with the project; as I prefer to spend time in development or specification & planning of features as well as projects.

Technical content

I am great at translating my understanding of systems and processes into technical documentation and tutorials. Whether its a new feature that I worked on, or some new process I learned; I am able to not just make technical people, but also regular clients understand the need for X, Y or Z; and how to use the feature or a/our product.

Sample below. Upon request a lot of samples of content can be provided.

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