Insight into what I spend a lot of time doing
Project management

Development & Engineering:

Over the years of my career in software & tech, I have filled many hats in between my positions. In the organizations I have worked in and with, I have played a part in Full-stack, DevOps & Support roles. The role which I have spend the most time in, has been that of back-end developer & engineer, creating APIs, third-party integrations and much more.

Product & Sales:

While I have many contributions to, and exposure to both the product and sales side, I haven't held a formal position. I do have a particular interest in technical writing for documentation as well as helping users understand the software they are using, and crafting user centered solutions to problems.


I consider myself to be a great back-end thinker and problem solver. Even when spending time wanting to master the front-end, I always yearn to debugging behind a back-end, profiling queries, and optimizing code to be more performant. This journey started out in the hardware sector, but when it comes to software, my tools of choice have been Python & Django. I do know my way around NodeJS as well as PHP too. Some more recent experimentation; while not professional experience, involves trying to optimize slower Python performance with approaches in Go & Rust.


During my career as a backend developer I have gradually picked up front-end development due to requirements on projects, as well as needs for my own side projects. I have transitioned from simple websites with HTML, CSS (SCSS & SASS) & plain JavaScript, to utilizing HTMX and Bootstrap, Bulma & Vue on Django projects. As of recent, I have been building a lot of things with React & MUI, as well as NextJS, while bringing my front and backend experience to a fullstack picture. In 2023, mosf of the projects I end up working with end up utilizing my full-stack experience.

DevOps, CI/CD

Coming from an sys-admin & network-admin background, and having covered multiple roles where DevOps was needed for Django, I have gotten quite accustomed at rolling out my own development pipelines for small to medium projects; or getting familiar fast with more complex pipelines in legacy projects.
DevOps, CI/CD:
  • Gitlab, Github
  • Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi
  • Docker, Vagrant
  • Kubernetes, Nomad, Consul
I can plan features and projects from start to finish, organize meetings and get all the stakeholders involved. Of course, its never a clear path, mileage always varies, but having Agile principles stamped into my day-to-day process makes things smooth. I'm experienced with KanBan, Jira, Gitlab, Github for project management. My approaches are always Agile and Scrum. While I currently have no aspirations of becoming a project, product manager or scrum master. As a developer, I know very well how these roles connect with my responsibilities, and how to optimize to work alongside these roles.

Technical writing

I enjoy writing technical documentation and tutorials, whether it is on the features which I have created, or features which I am learning to work with over the course of a project. I'm great at providing step-by-step instructions, in both text and image form, as well as in short and long-form videos.
Samples of written documentation and/or videos are available upon request.

Design (UI/UX)

Quite some of my projects, whether these were client based, needed some form of UI/UX. While I do not excel at design, or creating beautiful interfaces or experiences, I can craft together a very decent base for an application. When paired with a designer, I do fare very well. I have experience with Figma as well as xD.

Marketing & SEO

I have a fairly decent grasp of marketing, in terms of understanding basic principles, knowing how to set up A/B tests, and do data analysis on any sort of logs from a campaign. In the past; prior to my software development career (2008-2015), I also spend a lot of time working on the improvement of SEO for small content related websites as well as affiliate marketing.
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