Insight into what I spend a lot of time doing

Software Development & Engineering

Over the years of my career in software & tech, I have filled many hats in between my positions. In the organizations I have worked in and with, I have played a part in Full-stack, DevOps & Support roles. The role which I have spend the most time in, has been that of back-end developer & engineer, creating APIs, third-party integrations and much more.


Since 2018, I actively work as a web-developer; mainly with Python based as well as JavaScript frameworks. This stage marks my professional start of my career as a developer; however, I have been involved in the development and design over more than 5 dozen web-sites since 2008 through 2012; with low-code CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. This ranges from large e-commerce stores with various plugins, to small boutique websites for professionals.

Technical content

I am great at translating my understanding of systems and processes into technical documentation and tutorials. Whether its a new feature that I worked on, or some new process I learned; I am able to not just make technical people, but also regular clients understand the need for X, Y or Z; and how to use the feature or a/our product.

Sample below. Upon request a lot of samples of content can be provided.


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