AI, LLM & ML projects that I am working for various reasons. Mostly to get a better understanding of the capabilities, and with all the releases of new things, see what kind of applications I can built in my free time.

Tech stack: Flask - HTML, HTMX, AlpineJS, Bootstrap 5.3, CSS For a proof-of-concept demo I worked on a hospitality AI concierge recommender and Chatbot. This recommender gets the users current location and a list of curated locations within a hospitality platform. On the fly, the distance (in meters) as well as the walking duration (in minutes) is calculated.

There are then two options, either the user asks the Chatbot questions about the various places, or he highlights a place, gets the route there and can ask the AI chatbot for more information about this particular place.

This was designed, built and developed over the course of 3 days and is built from the ground up with Flask, HTML, HTMX, CSS & JavaScript. The API that is being used is the Google location API and there are two options, either a local LLM served through LM-Studio or an OpenAI model like GPT3 or GPT4o.

The reason for working on this was two-fold.

1). I saw a interesting use-case with a company that I interviewed with and wanted to explore if I could develop this. 2). Really enjoying HTMX + Flask, I am looking become even more proficient with them.

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